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Business Name  :    Wealthnest Sip Advisory Pvt Ltd
Profession :     Certified Financial Planner(Investment And Wealth Consultant)
Location :    Jayanagar 2nd Block                           Years in This Business :   9 Years
Previous Types of Jobs :     Spent 12Years in Direct marketing and Owned a Franchisee of North American Retail Giant D.S Max.



A.  Spouse   :   Roopa (Successful Home Maker)
B.  Children : Inchara.S ( Studying in 5th std at Delhi Public School)
C.  Animals   : A Pomorian Dog Lived for 17Years under their care.
Hobbies :   Reading Self Help Book,Trekking,Swimming and going on Long Drive.
Activities of Interest :   Star Gazzing,Attending P.D Seminar and Has Planted 500 Saplings by Forming a tree Lovers Association under protect the nature campaign.
City of residence : Namma Bengalooru     How Long :    37Years                         


My burning desire is to ...     To Drive the Company From 30Cr to 100Cr in 3Years.Create a Massive Wealth For my Clients(Create a win-win situation).
Something no one knows about me:    Have Trekked most Challenging and Highest Peaks in Karnataka .So far Interacted 4,20,000
People on One to One Basis in Direct Marketing(in Previous Assignment).

My key to success ...   almighty, parents, teachers from all walks of life, yoga, Will Power, Positive Approach, Converting Negative to Positive and Good communication,